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Found out what's wrong with me (or so the doctor tells my family). They think I have fibromyalgia, but it may be more than a year until I can get into a doctor who can give me an "official" confirmation. I have no idea what that means since he also told me there's no actual test, so it's more like, "This is what you have, but I'm not actually qualified to tell you that you have it, so you have to go see this rheumatologist guy..."

*sigh* ...

More info when I feel less like crawling in a hole in the ground to die. This week has not been a good one at all as far as pain goes.

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Toni has fibro.

She says that even if you have to pay out of network, you should make an appointment with the rheumatologist. As soon as possible as it were. Basically, this isn't something you would ever want to wait a year for to get diagnosed.

I actually looked into that as well. Even with a doctor not covered by my insurance, the earliest they can see me is January-February.

I'm trying to think of some way to coerce them into moving me up...monetary bribes are obviously out, so I guess I'll have to rely on them being sympathetic.

*hugs* That's awful, *wrinkles nose* stupid bureaucracy. *hugs again and brings you ice-cream*

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