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More crap. PHHHLBPT!
This is the first day I've had all week where I have not felt like Barry Bonds whacked me with an aluminum bat while I slept. It seems like whatever it is that causes these, uhh..."flareups" (sorry, I'm not sure if that's the medically appropriate term) occurs in my sleep, so I've been increasingly reluctant to continue regulating my schedule with vitamins (melatonin and theanine, as it were). I had no idea how messed up my sleep is without it... earlier this week I could not fall asleep until 9:30 in the morning, and didn't wake up until after dinner. Ugh... and now I'm afraid of starting them again because I don't want to feel (even more) tired and shitty when I have to wake up in the morning!

I feel like this is some sort of karmatic revenge, like because last weekend was so unbelieveably awesome, this week is somehow required to be miserible and crappy. Maybe I'll call the Rhematologist's office again tomorrow (today?) and channel some of my anger into trying to schedule an earlier appointment.

Oh my god I am so glad that I was kicked out of pre-medical, because I'm very quickly beginning to loathe doctors.

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*hugs* Ouch. I really hope it's not some sort of karmic revenge. You don't deserve that for having a good week. In fact, from the sound of things, you deserve more good weeks.

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