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Wait, what? Oh, it's this LiveJournal thing! I forgot I had one.
Make Tea Not Love
I am sorry I disappeared into the magic internet abyss. You know, college and stuff. And trying not to die. And vanquishing my enemies with my fists of fury, and things of that nature.

No, actually, I've just been busy with real life. A casual observer of my (so-called) social life might argue otherwise, but I've actually been trying to pay more attention to important adult-typed thing lately, like real actual relationships with non-fictional people, and feeding myself, and bathing, and doing laundry more than once every two months. It's a work in progress.

I'm working on reorganizing my art and writing (because it's not like I've never said that before, right?) I have no idea what I'm doing still, and I'm not sure that I'll ever know. I tried to make myself improve by forcing myself to sketch things, but I wasn't really getting anywhere with it since I wasn't very interested in the subject(s). So I guess I'm okay with my art and writing being a mish-mosh of sci-fi and fantasy and abstract and fandom things. For now. I know that eventually I will have to "grow up" as an artist (and as a writer) and work on "serious" things. But not now. People who refuse to wear pants for more than four hours at a time don't get to be adults.

Also, I am looking for a new beta reader. Or maybe multiple beta readers, depending on how many victims volunteers I get. I need someone to work with me on the rest of Plague and Pestilence, remind me to work on it, bounce ideas back and forth, keep my ass on track, etc... (but it would be even more ideal if I could find someone who would read bits of my original fiction as well to give me feedback!) Also, you must be okay with physically threatening me with violence to get me to work on things. Seriously, you must motivate me with fear.

So what have you all been up to in my absence?

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I didn't know online people were fictional! *smiles and gives you a hug* I can't say I blame you for being absent - I'm struggling to keep on top of university work and stay in contact with everyone online, myself.

I don't think working on sci-fi, fantasy and abstract art means you need to grow up as an artist.

I'm currently in my final semester at uni (I should be graduating in December) and I finished the two correspondence courses I did. So, apart from trying to survive tertiary education, I've mainly been working on The Riddle Chronicles and my original fiction. Unfortunately, the university work pile up means that, while I would love to beta for you and read some of your original work, I can't at the moment. Which is just further proof that tertiary education is evil, yes?

*hugs you again* Either way, I'm glad to know you're alive and, reasonably, well.

Thank you! *hugs* C: You're lucky to be graduating in December...I still have two years to go, and I'm already stir crazy. I've also changed majors twice now, so mostly I'm just antsy to be finished already.

I've been curious to see how your fanfic is going as well. I thought about it a few times while I was away, so as soon as I'm done with my current job, I plan on sitting down and catching up on everything. Thankfully, I'm learning to take care of my work before it starts to overwhelm me, and while it's not the most fun thing ever, I'm able to pay for food and keep a roof over my head, at least so far.

I've missed hearing from you! I hope all is well! :D

Most welcome. *hugs back* Believe me, I know. This is technically my fourth year of tertiary education (I had to do a one year foundation course to get in because I homeschooled) and it's been driving me mad. Most of the time I wanted to kill something (usually a lecturer) and I've pretty much run out of patience. I hope you don't actually go stir crazy, though, that wouldn't be pleasant.

Well, I'm working on chapter twenty at the moment (and my muse is currently a four year old Tom pulling on my coat, which is really odd because I'm typing this on a uni computer in one of the corridors and am 'seeing' him out of the corner of my eye) and a few people have reviewed saying they like it so I'm assuming I haven't been writing complete rubbish. I'm glad to hear you're managing to keep up with your work better at the moment and hope it gets even easier to do so.

I missed hearing from you to. :D *hugs*

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