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Toads. Yes, toads.
So I'm developing an unhealthy attachment to toads.

Yes, toads. My unreasonable attachment to cold-blooded animals used to be confined to just things without legs.

Then recently, a family of toads moved into my yard. And by a family of toads I mean about a hundred of them, including little baby toads that are about an inch long and make my brain shrivel with their cuteness.

And around 10:00 p.m. each night, they all go hopping around the drive way, and into the street.

And I get very, very worried. Why am I worried about toads? I have no idea. But I'm absolutely terrified that someone is going to run one over, or that the neighbor's horrid little dog will eat one of them, or that one will hop into my garage and die. I found a dead on already by my stairs, that presumably died from heat/lack of water.

So I spent about an hour last night trying to lure one from out under the stairs so it wouldn't meet the same fate, and then was really concerned that I might have hurt it trying to carry it outside, etc.

So, yes. I've found new reptiles to dote upon. About a hundred of them. I'm sure this worry stems from the fact that I live alone and therefore treat anything that shows sentience like it's a human being.

Someone needs to stop me before I start naming them and bringing them into the house and having deep conversations with them. But--just--AWWWW OMG, CUTE BABY REPTILES.

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I like toads, I thought they were amphibians, though.

I don't see why it's an unhealthy attachment, either: they're cute and they don't deserve to die.

I remember hiking through Van Riper State Park on a hot, humid day when there were hundreds of toads about the size of nickels hopping through the woods and trying like hell to avoid stepping on any of them.

Last week, there was an adorable garter snake beside out pole barn who thought he was being very secretive by peering at me from below and around the gutter. And in the driveway itself was one large toad who didn't appear to be much concerned about us or the snake. hobtheknife brought forth a bucket and the toad obligingly hopped in for a ride out to the vegetable garden where Hob's dad insists there are currently residing - what else?- lots of nickel-sized baby toads.

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