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An entry long overdue.

  Oh lordy, what am I even supposed to say?
  •  I'm still in college. I'm not sure if that statement was meant to mean, "Yes, I haven't dropped out yet, actually" or "Oh my god, it's been so long and I'm still here, why haven't I graduated yet?" Probably some combination of the two.
  • I changed my major. I suppose that shouldn't come as much of a shock--especially considering the previous bullet point. As an addendum, I've changed it about three times on paper (and even more in my head). But in the end, I'm right back where I started: microbiology, with an emphasis in infectious diseases. And as an added bonus, it tacked another two years onto my estimated graduation date (probably May 2013).
  • I'm still struggling with major depressive disorder, more than I'd like to say. That's honestly probably why I stopped posting/writing/drawing. I'm tired of wringing my hands, making excuses. I just have depression. If you have it, you probably understand. I don't want to make promises to finish things. It's taken me this long just to admit how bad it is. Baby steps, they say.
  • The baby python I adopted in December of 2009 is now two feet long.
  • Since I last posted, I've had two terrible roommates, one cross-state move, one horribly awkward relationship, two friendships ruined, one stalker, and one new car. Thankfully, my personal life has calmed down since the move (and returning to school), and the curse of Someone Hitting My New Car Every Month seems to have subsided (for now).
  • I joined a sorority. As in, the US Greek system of social clubs. I know, I'm mad. (And no, I regrettably can't tell you which one, seeing as that would lead them to this journal. However, I will say that our house colors are of particular significance to me and my favorite fandom.)
  • I haven't drawn on written anything in over a year. I've been itching to lately, especially with this being NaNoWriMo, but I've avoided doing so thus far because I fear the shame/disappointment of it being awful/never finishing.
  • Today, I built a digital clock.
  So that's been my life. How have you all been?


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