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Music Recs!
I realize it's been awhile since I've posted any music recommendations. So courtesy of YouTube, here's some of what I've been listening to lately.

Snake River Conspiracy - "Lovesong": The description on the video page says it all: This song somehow just oozes sex, even though the lyrics really aren't all that provocative. The crescendo around 1:40 absolutely gives me goosebumps. If you're a fan of industrial metal/darkwave at all, check out some other songs by Snake River Conspiracy if you can.
(Oh, and this is kind of a given, but guess what I think this would make a great song for a fanvid to...?)

Celldweller - "Birthright" (Beta 1.0): Holy mom why is everything by Celldweller so amamzing? Anyway, this one is from his latest album, "Soundtrack For the Voices in my Head". May not be for everyone, especially if you tire of hearing the same style over and over and Celldweller's albums typically contain several different instrumental versions of the same song. However, this one if my favorite by far. Why? Well here, have some lyrics:
“Get back up, what are you waiting for this time?“
I’m over playing with this plight
But I’m still handcuffed, ball-gagged, facedown to the floor
And I’m waiting, while I’m hating what I’m waiting for
...Have I mentioned that most of his songs (at least the ones that have actual lyrics) have a filthy undertone? Because they do. Still brilliant, though.

The Fibonacci sequence in Tool's "L.ateralus": It's time for me to come out of the proverbial closet. I am a hopeless math nerd. In high school I used to sequester myself in the physical science section of the library during lunch and read about fractals, solved math puzzle books and taught myself calculus. I'd been a fan of Tool for years prior, but I never noticed the patterns in their music until a friend in the band pointing it out to me. Since then, one of my guilty pleasures has been sitting down with a pen and some scrap paper and trying to pick out new rhythms in their songs. If you like math, the band Tool, or just ridiculously complex nonsense with obscure explanations, then this next video is for you.

EDIT: Oh, and I don't know why I failed to point this out in my original posting, but the line "as above, so below" is a basic tenant of the Hermetic philosophy, from the first line of The Emerald Tablet. Yes, I like math and the occult. So there!

  I have discovered the secret to making my neighbor stop having loud sex with her boyfriend while I'm trying to do work: playing The Lion King's "The Cirlce of Life" with my speakers turned all the way up. Other than completely killing the mood (and probably ruining one of their favorite childhood Disney movies), I'm sure she doesn't want to be thinking about "the circle of life" while they're doing the nasty, for obvious reasons.

  ...there is probably a special place in Hell for people like me. (I hope they have vegetarian h'ordourves.)

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  My AC unit absolutely scared the piss out of me last night making what can only be described as dying-animal-slash-serial-killer noises. This is the second time it's happened, and even though I know it's just the coolant draining so the heat can come on, I still can't get over feeling like there's going to be some scary hobo with a giant stabby knife standing at the foot of my bed every time I hear it.

  I know that this probably isn't a very accurate depiction, but it sort of sounds like "WHAKUHKHHKJHKAJHKHRAAAH!"

  I have a random urge to make a recording of myself making that noise. Or maybe I'll record my version of the noise and then the actual noise coming from the heater and compare them.
  Just because.

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Cootie Masks
   How many of you would not be in danger of spraining a muscle from rolling your eyes at me if I created a extra-long reference post (with cuts, of course) about the biology of the Kyrreans? Subjects would probably include how the 3 sexes work, methods of genetic inheritance, how their body compositions affect their ability to perform transmutations, the auxiliary nervous system, etc. Basically everything that makes people go "...wait, what?" when I try to explain them.

  Depending on the response to this (and how I am feeling in the next two days), I might decide to illustrate it.

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 Today one of the buildings in my complex had a pipe burst. The subsequent flooding in the basement shorted out some electrical equipment and started a fire. The Powers That Be are saying that it will probably take four days to fix the building up to a point where people can live in it again, so there are students moving all over the place, knocking on doors and trying to find places to stay. I somehow feel like I should go help since a fair number of the evacuees are international students with terrible English, and I speak some Japanese/am really good an interpreting for people's accents. I probably won't... I'm afraid that I'd just add to the confusion and make things worse.

 I don't know. Just sort of seemed like something to journal about, if for no other reason than because it seems like an amusing parallel to the current craziness that is going on.

A few items of note...

Item the First: I have officially removed the friends-only setting from my journal. Not because I think it's unnecessary--no, no, no, you still need to be careful when clicking into art/writing, but since I place most of it under a cut with a warning anyway, I doubt it would matter. And "approving" everyone was getting obnoxious. So there you go, you're free! Free to do...whatever it is you all do here, I guess. Just don't get me in trouble. Please. Anyway, you may have some trouble viewing past entries until I go through by hand and reset all of them, so bare with me and I'll try not to be a lazy useless fuck to get it done soon.

Item the Second: If you navigate to the recent entries section, you may notice that I now have a new layout. Since I'm more or less stuck in bed this weekend, I thought it would be a good time to experiment. I personally think it's an improvement over the green/Animoo/graffiti theme I had going, but I don't know. Let me know if you think the new one's shitty.

  It's terrible how I get more done when I'm sick than when I'm healthy.


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