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Die Quarantäne

Deadly force will be used to protect this area.

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In a nutshell, I'm an artist who is trying to become a scientist and may be slowly going crazy in the process.

In the art and writing world, I'm known as Seventh Pathogen, but if that's too much of a mouthful you can just call me "Seven". Most of what I do is sketching and digital painting nowadays. My favorite subjects are probably my original characters, which include humans, aliens, monsters, mummified cats with upside-down skulls, things with multiple limbs, impossible anatomy, spaceships, new worlds and places that don't exist yet.

I write both original stories and fan fiction (mostly for the Repo!, Harry Potter and Metal Gear Solid fandoms), and will sporadically jump from project to project. You'll probably only see bits and pieces of what I do; I have notoriously poor health that prevents me from working on anything for any long period of time, so updates--when they arrive--may be six months to a year or more apart.

In real life, I go to school. College, actually. I'm studying to become an epidemiologist. No, that's not a skin doctor, that's an infectious disease specialist. Duhurr. Thus the science-art dichotomy... still haven't figured out how that works yet, honestly.


AIM: SeventhPathogen
e-mail: klococo@ksu.edu
MSN: Lost my username, but if enough people want me to use it I may get another one.
DeviantArt: iSpeakToSnakes